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The Engine is the beating heart of the Vehicle, Carbon deposits are like cholesterol build up in the arteries.

Both can be terminal.

Just as cholesterol blocks the passage of blood to the heart Carbon deposits build over time blocking air and fuel and damaging essential engine parts.

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Prevent carbon from ruining your engine by asking your technician to perform a Carbon-Clean with our CC16 Carbon Cleaner.

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All type of vehicle over time develop carbon build up that eventually causes a lag in performance or sometimes much more severe consequences.
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Cure and Prevention

Carbon Clean is great for fixing a host of engine issues but the best form of cure is prevention. Using Carbon Clean on your vehicle as part of your regular service and maintenance routine ensures the ongoing health and well being of both your engine and the rest of your vehicle’s internal system. Avoid expensive replacement parts, repair bills and emission test failures by keeping on top of the scourge of carbon build up!

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