Why we need to Carbon Clean our Cars?

Good for your Vehicle

Improves exhausts emissions
Improves engine efficiency
Significantly improves compression
Prolongs engine life
Increases engine performance
Lower oil consumption
Cuts emissions
Improves MPG

Good for You

Save your money
Enhanced driving experience
Decreases fuel consumption
Reduces maintenance costs
Clean environment for all

Carbon Clean is a company that prides itself on being socially and environmentally responsible. We are at the forefront of being an Eco-friendly and Green company. All of our products help in the reduction of pollutants emitted by vehicles. Modern technologies are rapidly improving. So are we. Our machines are essential in helping to preserve our precious planet and keep it green. In today’s technically advanced World it is vital that every company take responsibility for its part in reducing the effects of excessive carbon emissions and the damage it does to our air and its responsibility towards Global Warming.


Our Customers Say!!

After 30 Minutes Carbon Clean

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Is this a solution?

Actually Not! Carbon Clean not only removes the carbon deposits from the inside of the engine, it prevents from expensive repairs. Every car should do it every 10-12K

Chemicals, Oils, Water? New Technology


HHO Carbon-clean Fuel Additive Chemicals Manifold inhaled chemicals Foam chemicals
Substances Used In Carbon Cleaning Process Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generated from the electrolysis of Water Alcohols Ethers Antioxidents Antiknock Agents + Alcohols Ethers Methanol Isopropanol Bexanol Butanol + Sodium Hydroxide Ether Sodium metasilicate Caustic Soda n-Butyl Alcohol nonylphenol ethoxylate +
Operation Time(4Ltr Engine) 30 min 40 min 40-60 min 40 min
Environmental Effect Complete combustion of Hydrogen and oxygen. No residual emmissions from process Significant reduction of air pollution Significant reduction of emissions Incomplete Combustion of additives creates very harmful air polution Some antiknock agents have been shown to cause brain damage when inhaled. Creates noxious gasses when combusted, Leaves hazardous chemical waste following treatment Leaves hazanious chemical waste following treatment. Highly corrosive chemicals used.
Additional Points All gas is completly burnt during the process. Reduction in environmental pollution. Significant reduction in Carbon deposits No chemical ingredients – Will not cause damage to the engine parts No residual Chemical waste Safe handling no special storage requirements No blocking of TWC(Three-Way Catalytic Converter,petrol engine) 0F DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) Very easy automatic operation and walk-away operation No need to change engine oil. The optimum mixing ratio of fuel additives and fuel is difficult to achieve. Limited carbon removal Can easily cause gelling and wax in the fuel. Engine wear increased Engine running temperature ineregneed Causes errosion of seals and other rubber parts. Impurities can come away in dumps blocking the TWC or DPF Engine oil msut be changed. Causes errosion of seals and other rubber park. Impurities can come away in clumps blocking the TWC or DPF Engine oil must be changed Air can remain inside the fuel line. Residue of cleaning chemicals in the fuel line causes – Instability of fuel injectors Unreliability on ignition.Causes errosion of seals and other rubber parts. Impurities can come away in clumps blocking the TWC or DPF Engine oil must be changed.