Carbon Clean extend range with new small unit

Electrolysis-based cleaning technology to remove engine carbon deposits


Despite packing a powerful punch, CC-14 uses an economical 1.3 kW of power to produce 600 liters per hour of HHO.

Carbon Clean, an engine decarbonizing system that works with tap water, has launched a new compact CC-14 machine to compliment the existing CC-16 unit.

Both machines remove carbon deposits which can cause loss of power, increased fuel consumption and more wear to engine components.

Carbon Clean say deposits in modern engines are a growing problem and the CC-14 machine can effectively clear the stubborn problem in 30 minutes.

The CC- 14 Carbon clean machine breaks water down into an oxyhydrogen(HHO) gas mixture which is then blown into the engine to accelerate combustion and clear residues, thanks to catalytic properties of the Hydrogen Oxyhydrogen

In a recent press release, Carbon Clean said: “It’s ideal for small engines and offers walk away capability
thanks to automated process controls that shut down the machine once a job’s completed.”

The CAMS fail-safe safety cut-out ensures the machines will automatically shut down to prevent any gas
escaping if the engine stops during the cleaning process too.

Carbon Clean recently completed a series of successful shows, culminating in Automechanika in UK.

For more information on the profits opportunity for garages, click ‘more details’ below.

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