Huge MOT changes announced by DVSA. Is your workshop prepared?

The MoT test is set for a major shake up on the 20th of May this year, its largest and most significant in quite some time. From this date, MoT test faults will be classified as Minor, Major and Dangerous – with both Major and Dangerous faults being an automatic fail. Cars with Minor faults will still pass the test – as cars with advisories did previously – and these will be documented both on the vehicle’s MoT certificate and online record.


The second of these major changes – and perhaps the one that will affect the average motorist the most – is that diesel vehicles will now have to meet strict new rules to pass their MoT. As of 20th of May, any vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that emits ‘visible smoke of any color’ will automatically fail the MoT. Diesel vehicles without a DPF (generally manufactured prior to 2006) will not be subject to the same emissions test.

Furthermore, MoT testers will now be instructed to inspect the DPFs themselves. If a car has a DPF that has been ‘clearly cut and re-welded’ then the tester must refuse to test it, unless the vehicle’s owner can ‘prove it was done for legitimate reasons such as filter cleaning’. This is different to the out-going rules that stipulated that a car would only be rejected from the test if the DPF was clearly missing. After May 20th, if a car has had its DPF removed for performance or any other reasonthen its owner could be subjected to a £1000 fine or more.

Over the last decade many motorists have purchased a diesel vehicle fitted with a DPF, unaware of the potential problems that can occur if the DPF is not able to function correctly, for example if the motorist does a lot of stop-start driving and only uses the vehicle for short journeys thus not giving the DPF system a chance to regenerate as intended. This can lead to a drop invehicle performance, economy and ultimately, reliability too.

Carbon Clean Ltd, the industry leaders in carbon deposit removal solutions, have recently launched a new product for the garage and MoT testing professional, the DCS-16.

DCS-16 Cleaning System


The DCS-16 is Carbon Clean Ltd’s new DPF cleaning machine and it represents not only an excellent business opportunity for the garage owner but an excellent off-ramp generator too. Using a mix of pressurized air and water and an environmentally friendly solution called Power Cleaner the DCS-16 allows garage owners to clean and clear any size blocked DPF right in their own workshop – thus keeping the profit for the job in house.


Carbon Clean’s Power Cleaner is specially formulated to safely lift any carbon impurities from the internal workings of the DPF. The DPF is sealed with the supplied bung and then filled with Power Cleaner. The DPF is then left for between 20-30 minutes for the Power Cleaner to take effect and begin lifting the residue, soot and ash from every surface of the filter elements. The DPF is then connected to the DCS-16 cleaning system to power wash the cleaner and force impurities out of the filer to be safely disposed of.


Carbon Clean have also developed Power Protect, a new solution to help prevent future carbon deposit build up in the DPF after it has been cleaned. Featuring the latest in Nano-Catalyst technology, Power Protect is designed to be used once the filter has been cleaned by the DCS-16 and causes soot to combust at lower temperatures (450 degrees compared to the standard 650 degrees), thus slowing the build up of impurities that eventually block the DPF and ergo increasing the effectiveness of the vehicles own DPF regeneration system.


This service can be offered to two types of customer, those experiencing problems related to a blocked DPF such as poor performance or visibly poor emissions and those wanting to ensure their diesel vehicle passes the new stricterMoT test.


Unlike Carbon Clean’s carbon cleaning machines the CC-16 and CC-14 there is no set RRP for the service. This coupled with the DCS-16’s low running costs means the potential for profit is significant. The DCS-16 makes an excellent pairing to one of Carbon Clean’s carbon cleaning machines or is an excellent off-ramp profit generator in its own right.

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