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Carbon Clean LTD is a company that prides itself on quality research and development, maintaining our reputation as being at the very cutting edge of bringing you new and innovative products in the automotive industry. We are continually evolving and developing the most efficient, eco-friendly and high tech products.


DCS- 16


DCS-16 is a fast and convenient cleaning solution for all types of DPF

DPF Proclean Treatment

In only 2 steps your DPF will be cleaned and renewed !

Step- 1

Specially formulated to safely lift any impurities from the internal workings of the Diesel Particulate Filter The filter is sealed with a bung, and filled with the Power Cleaner.This is left to stand for 20 minutes to half an hour. The cleaner reacts with the blockage in the DPF lifting the residue of soot and ash from every surface of the filter elements. The DPS is then connected to the DCS-16 cleaning system to power wash the cleaner and all of the impurities out of the filter.

Step- 2

Featuring the latest Nano-Catalyst technology to keep your DPF cleaner for longer. Following the DCS-16 treatment the dried DPF is slowly fed the Power Protect fluid through the exhaust intake and rotated to ensure an even coating of protection. The fluid is absorbed by the DPF leaving a Nano-Catalytic causes soot to combust at lower temperatures(400 C rather than 650 C) slowing the build up of impurities blocking the DPF and increasing the effectiveness of the vehicle’s built in ‘regeneration’ burn off.

HPCS- 16

You can operate the HPCS-16 machine through the control panel and a simple foot-switch. This machine has a big reservoir that allows parts to be soaked as required. The water and detergent mixture in this reservoir is heated to set temperatures between 40-60degrees and deployed through the powerful gun or the low-pressure fixed nozzle. The mixture is double filtered and recycled to clean all manner of parts in-house, keeping running costs for the operator as low as possible. After the process, no pollution, no harmful additives gases or chemical to harm you, and your car or the environment. The whole process is also very economical, potentially saving motorist much money.

Gas Analyser EGA-16



EGA-16 (Exhaust Gas Analyzer) measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), COK, Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX), and Nitrogen Oxides (NO) your car emits. This gas analyzer comes with all accessories as complete in a hard case and ready to use.

Turn on the power switch, and tap the Zero button. When the Zero is complete, the gas analyzer is ready to measure exhaust emissions. Connect the EGA-16 to your vehicle’s exhaust while you drive, and within a few seconds, you’ll see the composition of the exhaust gas. You can record all the data in the EGA-16 while you’re on a road test.

This valuable device in the hands of your engineers will pay big dividends, allowing you to tune and confirm a properly working engine.This portable analyzer comes with a lot of features and options, which include:

  • Real-time tuning calculations
  • Single Button Zero calibration
  • Internal rechargeable battery and built-in data recorder
  • Measures up to 5 gases: CO, COK, CO2, O2, and NOx
  • Fuel selection: Petrol/gas, Diesel, CNG, LNG
  • Fast – data available within 30 seconds
  • IRP Printer support for hardcopy gas data
  • Rugged, small and light with easy to read LED display
  • Battery powered and self-contained infrared gas analyzer

Carbon cleaning solutions for ANY type of engine diesel or petrol

We are ‘Carbon Clean‘. We provide Carbon Clean Solutions.

We are proud to introduce the CC-16 and CC-14 Carbon Cleaner to the worldwide aftermarket.
With over a decade of experience providing diagnostic equipment and workshops solutions to the UK market, we understand that profit-making in the automotive repair industry is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Advances in vehicle technology are producing more complicated and highly efficient machines and this has had an impact on the potential profitability of garages, test centres, and workshops. We see how margins are being constantly reduced and pushing vehicle mechanics to strive ever harder to maintain a successful business.
The constant in this ever-changing market is the combustion engine remaining at the core of the vast majority of vehicles on the road today.

Our original Carbon Clean machines represent the latest in workshop technology. With state of the art engineering, minimal running costs, low maintenance and dramatically positive results for any combustion engine the CC-16 and CC-14 is not just a welcome addition for your clients but for your bank balance too.

However, the combustion engine still remains at the core of nearly every vehicle in the mass market.

Whats it all about? Providing Carbon Clean Solutions is what it’s about

The technology behind Oxyhydrogen (HHO) being used to clean engines has been around for some time. HHO was being developed as an emission-free fuel but was found to be impractical for this purpose. During testing, it was noted that the test engines were being cleaned of carbon deposits when the HHO was run through them and its use as an advanced engine cleaning solution was discovered.

Ways of providing accessibility to this cutting-edge technology have been in development for some time and differing trends in vehicle use have also been driving its necessity in the present market. These include:

  • Advances in technology have made HHO generation more affordable.
  • Drivers maintaining and keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time.
  • Progressive ecological trends

We have spent the last 12 months deep in Carbon Cleaning research and development, trying and testing various methods and machines in our own garage. Our collected analysis over this period has been poured into our very own CC-16 which we can confidently say is the best HHO Carbon Cleaning solution available on the market today.





What does it set us apart?

CC-16 Engine Benefits

The CC-16 benefits from a focus on safety and bespoke features not offered by any other machine on the market today.

  • A Full Digital Display Information Control Panel.
  • Current and Voltage Gauges to ensure full visibility of the process.
  • Emergency STOP button

Outstanding technical specifications that include:

  • A powerful 1800 Ltrs per hour HHO production capacity.
  • A Heavy Duty 4Kw generator that runs on just a standard 220/240V supply.
  • Patented 9×9 RAID technology that ensures no loss in performance.
  • Our ‘CAMS’ – ‘Charge Activated Machine Shutdown’ ensuring no gas escapes during the process.
  • Walk-Away’ operation. Fully automated for true convenience.
  • And many more features.

The CC-16 is an affordable and solid investment for any forward thinking workshop looking to increase their profits and add value to their services.

We are the only company able to boast an in-house Service Engineer Network providing support for training, repairs and breakdowns across the world UK Based, Worldwide Technical Support, Spare Parts And Accessory Stock.

The only Carbon-cleaning machine with an extended 3-year warranty on the product

Unrivalled technical advances including our world first ‘Advanced Safety Cut of System’

We benefit from a thorough understanding of our Industry

A true profit generating solution for your workshop with next to NO running costs at all

A Business Opportunity – Its as easy as C, D ,E Simple business models to help your business grow If you are excited to see how it all works Click here to find out

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