20th Anniversary with MPD

We were honoured to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Event of Motor Parts direct. They are proud to be the UK’s biggest independant Motor Factor. As one of our leading distributors we have successfully grown with them over the years to supply the UK market with our top of the range Machines through their network of hundreds of business representatives. This is a prime example of a credible, leading distributor who believed in our vision and supported Carbon Clean to becoming the worlds leading supplier of Carbon & DPF Cleaning, selling our machine to hundreds of garages throughout the United Kingdom.


Government Pressure to Lower Carbon Emissions

With new plans to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint to net zero by 2050, companies and individuals are under increasing pressure to minimise their use of certain fuels and cut emissions. Teresa May took a bold step by announcing this measure to the mainstream media. (INSERT MAY- SCREENSHOT)

Whilst many businesses will receive assistance and tailored advice regarding the switch to cleaner energy, many individuals from the public are searching for ways to minimise their carbon footprint and protect the environment.

With air quality and pollution currently being a hot topic, consumers are changing the way they operate. Environmental concerns now feature prominently in decision-making, and purchases are heavily influenced by their potential impact on carbon emissions and harmful pollution.

Reducing automotive pollution

Carbon emissions arising from the use of vehicles has been a concern for decades, and there have been various initiatives designed to reduce the harmful impact the automotive industry has on air quality and pollution. The ultra low emissions zone in central London has been a controversial move with residents but has also paved the way for greener cars.

With dedicated carbon cleaning machines, mechanics and automotive technicians can now provide an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. Ideal for garages and mechanics who want to increase the range of services they offer and boost their revenue, carbon cleaning machinery taps into a growing market and ensures vehicle owners have access to the environmentally-friendly services they’re demanding.

Impact for End Users

With vehicle owners already suffering financially as a result of emissions incentives, many consumers are looking for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of petrol and diesel engines, so that their carbon footprint can be reduced. Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning machines effectively remove soot, ash and carbon from combustion engines, thus ensuring emissions are reduced, pollution is minimised, and air quality is greatly enhanced. Moreso, the performance sector has also gravitated to carbon cleaning to restore power to their engines, as well as being a valuable service to maintain the health of their engine components.
(Photo of mechanic doing dpf/ carbon clean)

By becoming an approved Carbon Clean Centre, workshops and garages can create an additional revenue stream by offering carbon cleans and DPF cleans to a very lucrative market. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Promoting lower emissions in Dubai!

We had a great opportunity to showcase our innovative Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning machines at Automechanika, Dubai in 2019. Raising awareness of the global threats of carbon emissions, and demonstrating our new technology to help reduce the problem. Our solutions to the problem were received very well amongst workshops in the middles East region and we look forward to strengthening the brand with new distribution agreements in the area. If your a modern workshop who wants to invest in the newest green technology or are a forward thinking distributor, get in touch with our experts.

At Automechanika NEC 2019

We showcased out cutting edge technology to help reduce the global levels of Carbon emissions with our DPF cleaning machines and engine carbon cleaning machines. The automechanika show this year brought many big players in the automotive space all to Birmingham, UK. In 2019 we also introduced a new HPCS-14 machine to help effectively and easily clean carbon deposits from engine car parts.

Among the Best in Italy!

Carbon Clean were among the biggest brands, for the AutoPromotec Exhibition in Italy, May 2019. Carbon build up is evidently a big problem in Europe and we were overwhelmed by the amount of interest we received from Distributors, keen to work with us. Visitors were also impressed by our range of different Engine Carbon Cleaning machines as well as DPF Cleaning machines in our line up, equipped to service all sorts of garages and vehicles. Check out our show report for full info.

CV Show 2019 Birmingham

We were showcasing and demonstrating our latest Carbon and DPF cleaning machines at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC. The response was outstanding with many workshop owners interested in our live demo of the DCS-16 DPF cleaning machine.
Our off car DPF cleaning service has become very popular due to the ease of service, immediate results and the huge profit potential.
Take a look at the show report from our Head of business development, Ben.

A HiQ Network Workshop begins carbon Clean

A reputable HiQ network in Rushden, UK has become an approved Carbon Clean centre. This garage is well established in the area and after seeing a demo of our machine, they were very interested in the concept. The owner, Paul Evans explains “We’ve been around for 21 years and always looking for new technology and equipment to drive our services forward and to stay ahead”.

We couldn’t agree more, and now with their state-of-the-art CC-16 machine the workshop can efficiently carry out 30-minute carbon clean services from cars, to small boats and even light commercial vehicles.

All this can generate valuable extra revenue to a garage and create a competitive advantage too. Take a look at the install and setup of the new machine in Northampton.

Leading Tuning Workshop becomes a Carbon Clean Centre

AmDTuning have recently joined us as a Carbon Clean Centre Plus.
AMD are an established, respected and pioneers in the world of performance car tuning.

AmD Tuning’s Team Principal Shaun Hollamby explains why both Carbon Clean solutions made sense for the busy performance tuning garage on a financial level and he explains how he, as a skeptical racing driver and business owner, was convinced by the results both machines have achieved in the workshop on his own customer’s cars and the extra income potential too

A CCCP site is able to offer both our industry-leading HHO-based carbon cleaning service and our revolutionary DPF-cleaning service to customers, and this is something AmDTuning are now able to offer at their base in Thurrock, Essex thanks to the recent purchase of both a CC-16 carbon cleaning machine and a DCS-16 DPF cleaning machine.

This video shows AmDTuning’s British Touring Car Championship technicians being introduced to both the CC-16 and the DCS-16 machines after delivery and undergoing on-site training from a member of the Carbon Clean install team.

.  Welcome AmD Tuning to the Carbon Clean family!

Whiteley Autos Choose the Carbon Clean Network

Whiteley Autos has recently joined the Carbon Clean Centre Plus network. We sneak behind the scenes to show you the setup of their brand new, industry-leading carbon cleaning machines.

By becoming an approved centre, Whiteley autos also benefit from a range of digital marketing support using the latest platforms online and through social media.

They now have the ability to remove Carbon on any petrol or diesel engines with our CC-14 machine.
Moreover theis garage can also handle most blocked DPF with our DCS-16 machine, which opens up them up to more clients and adds another revenue stream to their workshop.

Entrepreneurs Become Key Distributors in Poland

A group of Entrepreneurs from Poland were researching oxyhydrogen machines when they came across our high-quality HHO carbon machines. Over several meetings Carbon Clean UK decided to work closely with the Medler group and authorise them to become official distributors in Poland.

The growth has been very rapid since March 2018 with over 100 machines sold in the country. The Medler group has also developed a mobile carbon cleaning business and serviced hundreds of cars over the last few years.

Growing the Carbon Cleaning brand through various marketing activities and events, Medler have penetrated the automotive market very aggressively, followed with huge success.

If your interested in becoming an official distributor, get in touch with our experts.