New Approved Carbon Clean Centre on the Carbon Clean network – Fleetwood

New Approved Carbon Clean Centre on the Carbon Clean network – Fleetwood

Carbon Clean, a renowned company helping workshops and engineers to tackle the common carbon build-up problem in vehicles, have recently brought on new and approved Carbon Clean Centre in Fleetwood.

Bosch Car Service member James Jackson’s Central Garage Ltd has become Carbon Clean Centre Fleetwood on 31st July. Managing Director James Jackson had been vastly impressed with the results following treatment of a company van. This fascinated him to successfully become Carbon Clean Centre Fleetwood fully utilising Carbon Clean’s technology and services providing flexibility for any workshop, regardless of size. “Again, the demonstration really helped show the Carbon Clean difference,” said Chris. “We treated an Audi V6 diesel that belonged to their senior mechanic. “He couldn’t believe the difference after a quick test drive – the ‘diesel clatter’ had gone and he also said a flat spot that he’d just put down to turbo lag had disappeared too.”

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Carbon Clean at Aapex Show in Las Vegas 2018

We’re exhibiting at AAPEX Show – Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo here at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas on plot 169! If you’re interested in offering the most effective and most profitable carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning services in the industry then make sure you pay a visit to plot 169. We’ve got our DCS-16 DPF cleaning machine and our CC-14 carbon cleaning machine on display, and of course of have plenty of information for you to take away with you on our CC-16 and CC-18 carbon cleaning machines and our DCS-17, DCS-18 and DCS-20 commercial vehicle DPF cleaning machines too.

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What an Amazing Show!

What an amazing show!

Automechanika Frankfurt was a huge success again in this edition 2018 and the international interest in our product range was amazing.

We were very excited to launch another four machines to our range giving us a full premium offering for all types of workshop including commercial.

The Carbon Clean stand was much larger this year so we could display all eight of our top class machines. We have come away from the show with orders placed and distribution opportunities all over the world. Facebook

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New Carbon Clean Centre Plus in Southampton SO4

Another Authorised Carbon Clean Centre has just joined our growing network, this time in Southampton area. Carbon Clean Southampton is another centre to take on Carbon Clean Centre Plus status, alongside the CCC Plus sites in Hainault, Stanton and Waterloovile. This means they have both one of our Carbon Cleaning machines and one of DPF Cleaning machines on site. Facebook Page

Amd Tuning Join The Carbon Clean Network

AmDTuning have recently joined the Carbon Clean Network as a Carbon Clean Centre Plus. A CCCP site is able to offer both our industry-leading HHO-based carbon cleaning service and our revolutionary DPF-cleaning service to customers, and this is something AmDTuning are now able to offer at their base in Thurrock, Essex thanks to the recent purchase of both a CC-16 carbon cleaning machine and a DCS-16 DPF cleaning machine.

This video shows AmDTuning’s British Touring Car Championship technicians being introduced to both the CC-16 and the DCS-16 machines after delivery and undergoing on-site training from a member of the Carbon Clean Ltd team.

Later, AmDTuning’s Team Principal Shaun Hollamby explains why both Carbon Clean solutions made sense for the busy performance tuning garage on a financial level and he explains how he, as a skeptical racing driver and business owner, was convinced by the results both machines have achieved in the workshop on his own customer’s cars and the extra income potential too.  Welcome AmDTuning to the Carbon Clean family!

Excellent Demonstration Results: Vauxhall Vectra Diesel

Excellent Demonstration result from Carbon Clean Ltd as expected.

Vauxhall Vectra Diesel, this vehicle would have failed the MOT with the new regulations registering 1.90 on a smoke test but after a 40 minute Carbon Clean is was reduced right down to 1.26. Proving that our machines are going to save customers a huge amount of money on repair bills and stop some vehicles potentially being written off. Also offering an excellent revenue stream for any workshop.

Showing the excellent consistency of our results we also reduced the smoke emission from a VW Bora Diesel from 1.49 to 1.11 on the same demonstration with the customer being more than impressed and looking at joining the Carbon Clean revolution.

Huge Mot Changes Announced By DVSA. Is Your Workshop Prepared?

The MoT test is set for a major shake up on the 20th of May this year, its largest and most significant in quite some time. From this date, MoT test faults will be classified as Minor, Major and Dangerous – with both Major and Dangerous faults being an automatic fail. Cars with Minor faults will still pass the test – as cars with advisories did previously – and these will be documented both on the vehicle’s MoT certificate and online record.

The second of these major changes – and perhaps the one that will affect the average motorist the most – is that diesel vehicles will now have to meet strict new rules to pass their MoT. As of 20th of May, any vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that emits ‘visible smoke of any color’ will automatically fail the MoT. Diesel vehicles without a DPF (generally manufactured prior to 2006) will not be subject to the same emissions test.

Furthermore, MoT testers will now be instructed to inspect the DPFs themselves. If a car has a DPF that has been ‘clearly cut and re-welded’ then the tester must refuse to test it, unless the vehicle’s owner can ‘prove it was done for legitimate reasons such as filter cleaning’. This is different to the out-going rules that stipulated that a car would only be rejected from the test if the DPF was clearly missing. After May 20th, if a car has had its DPF removed for performance or any other reasonthen its owner could be subjected to a £1000 fine or more.

Over the last decade many motorists have purchased a diesel vehicle fitted with a DPF, unaware of the potential problems that can occur if the DPF is not able to function correctly, for example if the motorist does a lot of stop-start driving and only uses the vehicle for short journeys thus not giving the DPF system a chance to regenerate as intended. This can lead to a drop invehicle performance, economy and ultimately, reliability too.


Carbon Clean Ltd, the industry leaders in carbon deposit removal solutions, have recently launched a new product for the garage and MoT testing professional, the DCS-16.